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Pretty funny promotion and discount over at

Welcome Douchebags!

Yo! Wuz up bro?!! Props for taking a break from tanning to chill with

Holla! to all the doucheriffic photos you’ve sent in. They rock! Keep ’em coming, yo!

For a limited time only, GET $25 OFF your online hotel order of $200 or more.

Enter promo code: DOUCHEBAG at checkout.

Take the Douchebag Quiz to figure out if you can cut it as a Vegas Douchebag:

1. Do you know where to get the best spray-on tan?
2. Do you like to show off your nipple ring in public?
3. Do you know the difference between beer and malt liquor?
4. Do you wear your chain inside or outside your shirt?
5. Do you own more than 5 different trucker hats?

If you answered “fo sho” to any of the above questions, you may have what it takes to be a true Vegas Douchebag.

More info:

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