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A brand-new twist on an age-old classic arrives at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino  this month: Street Dice. This craps-style game is the brainchild of Downtown Grand CEO Seth Schorr, who envisioned a lively, crowd-pleasing outdoor gaming experience reminiscent of the back-alley dice games that flourished in urban centers during the Mob’s heyday. Inspired by the Downtown Grand’s proximity to The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, Street Dice is ONLY available at Downtown Grand. Played outdoors on a custom-designed table fronting Third Street and the Downtown3rd dining and community gathering space, Street Dice is an exciting, easy-to-learn game that will beckon passersby to try their luck.  It’s a quick version of a pass line bet in craps, in which a shooter rolls the dice once to set the point, and then must hit the point within three subsequent rolls of the dice to win. Skilled craps players and novice gamblers alike will get a thrill from the dynamic action involved in throwing the game’s extra-large dice into a ground-level tub in an effort to match the point and collect their winnings. The ground-level tub and gritty, brick-and-mortar table graphics were designed to recall the setting of real back-alley craps games, when dice were thrown onto the pavement only to bounce off the brick wall of a building.

Additional game specifics: Street Dice utilizes two dealers: the Base Dealer is responsible for paying and taking all wagers; the Shovel Dealer is responsible for recovery, delivery and protection of the dice.
During the set-the-point roll, seven pushes and 11 wins 1:1; two, three and 12 lose.
Players have the option to bet a brick bet prior to the start of a roll; four, six, eight and 10 rolled the hard way (dice showing two twos, two threes, two fours and two fives, respectively) within 3 rolls wins 25-to-1.
A hard-way winner not rolled within three rolls after a brick bet is placed loses.
This outdoor table game is scheduled to be available for play on Fridays and Saturdays, weather permitting.

Place a wager of $20 or more on the June 7th Belmont Stakes and receive a FREE commemorative t-shirt. (Limit one per person.)

Also, the casino is saying ‘thank you’ to Club Cortez members by offering free White Castle cheeseburgers every Thursday in June. The complimentary burgers can be enjoyed by Club Cortez members from noon to 6 p.m. while they play slots and table games on the casino floor.

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