Trip Report – Imperial Palace June 29 – July 3

July 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

We flew out of Portland (Oregon) to arrive LAS at 6:40pm. I love getting there in the early evening, just in time to get the drinking started. This was our 4th year staying at the IP and our 8th trip overall. Also the fourth trip with me, my husband, my sister, and bro-in law. The IP is just the most reasonably priced hotel and a perfect location in our opinions. Upon check-in we were told that the room we wanted, overlooking the Carnival Court, had been remodled and would be another $20/night. I’m too cheap to pay that so I sorta-kinda begged and said “even if we tell you this is our 4th year staying here and we love it here”?… he said he’d talk to somebody and he walked away and came back and hooked us up. Yippy! I was a happy girl.

Now, I really can’t give you an exact rundown of what happened the next four days since it’s kind of a blur of drinking, sleeping and gambling… but I’ll do my best. I will say this was a trip of “firsts” for us…

First No. 1: Gambling. In the past we maybe put $40 in slots, if that. My husband hates to gamble. He just can’t handle losing money, and that is what gambling is to him. He doesn’t mind if I do it, he just doesn’t want too.. That said, this trip I put $5 in the nickle slot at IP and turned it into $25 before too long. I had been itching to try out roulette this trip so I took my $25 to a table and let me say this – I will never play a slot machine again. I’m hooked, like a fishy in the river, I’m completely hooked on roulette. On that $25 I played for hours and hours. And had the best time doing it. By the end of the trip I had played almost all my chips out – hubby cashed my last $25 chip for me the morning we left. I’m pretty sure I played the entire time on that $5 I started with in the nickle slots. I have to say I really liked having the pretty little black $100 chip in my purse.

First No. 2: Going to bed after the sun came up. Not too uncommon for some maybe, but a first for us. The second night I played roulette I cashed out at $194 (only started with $25 again) and we went up to the room. I had no idea what time it was … Opened the door and it was light outside! Wow… so absolutely awesome. We hollered at the early morning folks walking down by the Carnival Court and then hit the hay for a few hours. We were back up and ready to go by 10.

First No. 3: We didn’t ever make it down to the NYNY/MGM area. This is something we do every year and for some reason this year we had other things going on. Now that we’re home it feels like we really missed out on something… No M&M or Coke world, no big NYNY gift shops… kind of a wierd feeling…

Other things we did…
*Ate at Bertolinis at CP – great atmosphere
*Wasted our time watching the TI pirate show – girls were lame, but the captain of the guys ship was a cutie so that was good
*Went to the Wynn, ok but nothing so special, it was very crowded
*Explored the Venetian more this time, so beautiful
*Hung out at Tequila Joe’s at IP, great bar, we really liked it
*Took tons more pics than normal

All in all a great time was had by all, we have the photos to prove it. Ready to do it again soon. Next June can’t get here soon enough.

Thanks for reading my report.

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